Thomas Farina Photography - Travel articles
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My travel articles and itineraries

In this space you can find the travel articles I wrote, every story includes

day by day travel itineraries, best places to stay and eat, a photo gallery of each day of the travel

Click on the articles below to read the full story:

Canyonlands National Park Landscape Photography

West Usa Tour


In early 2013 both me and my wife started to plan the one that later became, I think, the most beautiful travel we did together!
In our minds, that had to be the trip of a lifetime, the one that you will remember for all your life, and so it was.


We started from Los Angeles then we went north to San Francisco where we spent few days. Then we touched Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.
Once visited the parks we pointed to Mono Lake, then Mammoth Lakes, Death Valley National Park, Las VegasZion National ParkBryce Canyon, MoabMonument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, PageGrand Canyon National ParkSan Diego, and back to LA again.

Photography, nature, and travel is what I love.

I try to capture the best moments I see with my eyes. Despite it is nearly impossible to get your camera to capture what you see, I do my best to pursue that goal.

I edit my pictures in Adobe Lightroom. I developed my personal workflow that, I think, can preserve the natural look of the moment. At the same time, I want that my pictures can give you a real emotion when you look at it.

How do I plan a travel?

Usually I follow this simple steps:

  • I buy a Lonely Planet guide for the place I plan to visit and I give it to my wife
  • I search for information on travel sites like Tripadvisor or other’s people blogs
  • I talk with my wife about what she likes and what she found out on the guide
  • We create a document where we save the most useful information we have found
  • I ask for suggestions in forums and groups
  • I search for photography inspiration online browsing Flickr or 500px
  • We build a timetable and then we figure out how many days we need
  • I search for flights ticket and deals
  • I book all the hotels or apartments with free cancellation policy up to 24h before the check-in