Northern Spain Landscapes Gallery Portfolio - Thomas Farina
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Landscapes, Nature
About This Project

Northern Spain Landscapes

In this gallery portfolio you can see some of the best Northern Spain Landscape pictures I took in Summer 2015. The pictures in this series are taken in the northern coast of Spain between Galicia and Basque Country.


The summer season is very strange there, the temperature is between 20° and 25° with strong winds and some showers during the day. That is pure dream for landscape photographers.


So, as I did, you have to pray for proper wheather conditions when you are in beautiful places like these.


The series starts with a sunrise picture from Cabo Vilàn, where there is a very big eolic park. Then it goes on with some pictures from the road that leads to the Garita de Herbeira point, that is one of the highest coastal viewpoints in Europe. At the side of the road you can find wild animals like horses or cows, and of course many eolic fans.


As long as you go on with the gallery you can find the most beautiful locations on that part of the country, like: Cabo Ortegal, Playa del Silencio,  Playa de Las Catedrais, Playa Campiecho.


The last three picures was both taken near the San Juan de Gaztelugatxe monastery, that is the Basque Country.